Saturday, December 22, 2007

Nice people still exist

In the rush of life and this season, with happiness in my heart I can say nice people still exist. Sometimes I wonder if this statement is true but before I know it life reminds me and I have to admit my soul overflows with joy. I know I am a sentimental fool but I like it that way. I thinks it's better. Maybe those slinging the accusations that I cry to easily or that I'm "mushy" are just jealous that they weren't more sentimental at times. If it's not true I chose to believe it is. (LOL) are some acts of kindness I have witnessed in the last few weeks.

Today I was driving home after the chaos of the mall and saw a true act of kindness that made my heart leap. A handicap lady in a wheelchair was driving her chair on the side of the road and had apparently dropped some things. She was trying her best to pick them up but was having a lot of difficulty. A gentleman stopped his car and picked up the items for her.

Another small act of kindness....I was dropping off my daughter at school this week and a family I am friends with had made hand painted ornaments with their kids to give to the families at the school. I thought the gift was extremely thoughtful and very kind.

A couple of weeks ago I was with a friend who had dropped a money envelope containing over a hundred dollars in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. She naturaly was absolutely distraught that she had done it. We asked around and apparently another lady picked it up and returned the money to her with every cent still in the envelope. Honest and kind.....

I could make my list longer and as I am writing this I can think of at least a dozen more acts of kindness I have witnessed or had happen to me in the last month. I think kind people are always there we just fail to see them because we are wrapped up in life, our thoughts or what's going on around us. I have to admit that it happens to me sometimes but when the ray of light shines on me and I am able to be aware and see the act of kindness my heart leaps and smiles and I am forced to remember that it was always happening I just failed to see it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Java and Jewelry

Come to Sin Coffee Bar for a great cup of coffee and some jewelry!!!!

{Java card copyright: Whimsical Jewels 2007}
I am excited to announce that I currently have items for sale at Sin Coffee Bar located on 4th street in Winston-Salem. It's a great place to meet friends, have quiet time alone or get some work done.

The coffee bar serves a variety of drinks other than coffee....GREAT fruit smoothies (my kids love them), tea, juice, bagels and pastries...
Enjoy a great cup of coffee while getting some wearable goodies to take home.
Autumn Necklace: copyright Whimsical Jewels 2007

Flower Bracelet: Copyright Whimsical Jewels 2007

Rust & Tan Hemp Key Chain: copyright Whimsical Jewels 2007

The Atomic Burst Set: copyright Whimsical Jewels 2007

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Holiday Memories

I absolutely love Christmas time. Sure I can do without the commercialism that has taken hold of our society. And yes I get quite irritated with how fast it goes by and the rush of the season. But when I really think about it my heart fills with a warmth and runs over with joy thinking about all of the fond memories I have of the season from my childhood. And now as an adult with children of my own, I cherish the memories I am creating with my own children and pray that they will look back on them with the same happiness I do regarding mine. Those memories gave me such joy as a child and still do.

  • I LOVED riding around town and the back roads of my home town looking at all of the Christmas lights with my father. He would share memories of his own childhood while commenting on the beauty our eyes were gazing at.
  • Each holiday season I would watch the Christmas holiday movies with my mother and the one that had the largest impact on me was "Miracle on 34Th Street". Sharing that time with her was so important to me as a child and still is as an adult.
  • Receiving money from my mom to purchase Christmas gifts for my family. I didn't think about it then too much but she gave me a greater gift than what I was giving....the gift of thoughtfulness.
  • Decorating our Christmas tree together.
  • Christmas caroling with my father. I didn't really enjoy it that much as a child but now as an adult the memory makes me smile and makes me sad that people don't do it as often anymore.
  • My mother would buy my brother and I chocolate Christmas calendars each year. It was so exciting to count down the days to Christmas and get a chocolate treat too.

Now that my husband and I have a family we have some traditions we share with our children. Most of them have been adopted from our childhood that we enjoyed doing with our parents and gave us fond memories. Here are a few that we share as a family~

  • Each Christmas Eve we congregate as a family, order Chinese food and watch "Miracle on 34Th Street"
  • On Christmas Eve we make Christmas cookies
  • Christmas day we have crepes for breakfast after opening presents
  • We make handmade Christmas cards and some handmade gifts
  • Watch the holiday specials with the kids
  • Look at the Christmas lights together
  • Donate toys for children in need
  • Decorate the tree together as a family
  • My kids love the chocolate christmas calendars. My mother buys them each year for them.

I hope everyone has a holiday filled with love, peace and laughter. Happy Holidays.....

Sunday, December 2, 2007

New shop items!

Here are some recent additions to my etsy shop:
Copyright 2007: Whimsical Jewels
Made as part of my harmony series inspired by segregation that continues to exist in our country and across the world.
Caramel Drop Earrings:
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Tiger's Eye Necklace:
Copyright: Whimsical Jewels 2007

*~*~*Home Decor*~*~*
Peace, Love & Harmony:
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Part of my harmony series in celebration of peace for all mankind.
Colorful Candle Holder:
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for:

  • my husband
  • my kids
  • my great aunt louise that has taught me a lot about life
  • my grandmother
  • my family
  • my friends
  • my animals
  • my life
  • all of the people that have impacted my life that don't realize it and those that do realize it
  • the lessons I have learned
  • nature
  • music
  • my 5 senses that I rely on
  • love
  • the gift of friendship
  • my faith in people
  • my voice
  • my love for humanity
  • my freedom
  • those that have fought for my freedom
  • I live in America
  • I can read
  • and everything else that I am not thinking of......
I am thankful.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Power of Music

Copyright~ Whimsical Jewels 2007

Last weekend I had the privilege of seeing live music and was completely astounded with the connection I had with it as well as the peace within myself caused from it. My dear friend and I drove to Asheville (2 & 1/2 hours one way) to hear Ani DiFranco perform. It's been quite some time since I have seen her live and it was worth every minute of the drive. (hopefully my friend that went along for the ride felt the same)

The power of music and the serenity it provides continues to baffle my mind. After coming home from a long day with several set backs....put that favorite CD in and it all seems to dissipate. I find that while driving home after a hard day of work getting lost in a song has the power to mesmerize my soul and repair it. Don't get me wrong, sometimes the damage of the day takes more than a song or CD but it definitely has the start of the healing process. Therapy in its own way...and a lot cheaper too.

I love so many different genres of music and have a connection with each in my own unique way. But I have to say that Ani DiFranco has the largest impact on me. Her message of social and civil harmony & justice, environmental conservation, women's rights and our history profoundly affects me and touches me each time I hear it. Maybe it's because I stand for several of the same things she sings about and there is a connection that is deep rooted inside me. Her music does something to me that no other musician has been able to do. So to her I say THANK YOU. The impact she has had on me when my day was blue, when I was against a wall dealing with the lack of humanity in the world, the barriers I face in my career when I am unable to help people the way they need to be helped, the effects creatively and in my thoughts is POWERFUL.

Wow the power of music. I know my life would be different if I couldn't listen to it. I think music is the breath of my soul so without it I think death would be inevitable.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Letting go

Over the last few weeks I have been pondering this thought. A simple concept but at the same time so hard to do. I have given great thought to the magnitude of power those two words have and at the same time the power it has if you don't follow the concept.

So in an effort of letting go....yesterday is yesterday. Today is today. What happened a minute ago happened a minute ago, it can't be changed so let it go. There are too many other wonderous moments to be captured and if you are holding on to something that should be released, let go of it, you may and will miss the moment. It feels good to say goodbye. Take in a deep breath and remember life is too good and you may miss it if you are still holding on to yesterday.

I have learned: (and sometimes forget)

~You can't change people, only yourself.
~People are who they are and it's okay.
~It is what it is-no more, no less.
~Our thoughts are sometimes not our friend. :)
~Our words can damage someone so be careful with your tongue. (I'm still working on this one)
~Beauty happens every second all you have to do is open your eyes.
~Beauty radiates from within not outwardly.
~Most people are good, if you give them a chance.
~Smile when you feel like frowning.
~Be true to yourself so you can be true to others.
~Love yourself so someone else can love you.
~Give thanks for everything.
~Live like today is your last day because it may be.
~Make sure those around you know you love them, you can never tell them enough.
~Give a part of yourself to others they might not have anyone else.
~Be kind.
~Remember to have compassion.
~Say your sorry even if it wasn't your fault.
~Love all people.
~Be respectful of other's beliefs, opinions and views.
~It is better to live harmoniously than in discord.
~Say a prayer for others.

Copyright ~ Whimsical Jewels 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Seasons of Change

I have included this beautiful tree as a reminder of the "Seasons of Change". I took this picture on one of my hardest days and with a heavy heart and spirit I captured the beauty of nature that I was longing to feel within myself. As I stood gazing at its beauty I was reminded that the way I was feeling would pass and my spirit would again be light. It's such a wonderful feeling to hear nature speak.

The last few weeks have been extremely hard for me and as I sit here and recap the situations in my mind, the feelings I have encountered and internalized I am reminded again that every aspect of our lives has an area that is a little grey. I am reminded that in order for growth to occur and to gain inner strength sometimes we must walk down a road that is bleak but there is a ray of sunshine to be seen even if we have to strain to see it. Nature's healing power is a wonderful source of strength, inspiration and relaxation for me and the day I stood gazing at the tree I said a prayer of thanks for giving me a tree of beauty to look at and remind me that life is good.
The rose....reminded me of summer's end. It was still beautiful even though it was starting to wither. The cycle of change. Seasons of change. What more can be said?
Nature spoke again to me towards the end of the week with this beautiful flower.

Seasons of change. Death and rebirth. Sometimes the road is hard to travel on but in the end I am thankful for the lessons I learn even if they are painful at the time.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Rush

I flew into Upstate NY to surprise my brother for his 30th birthday and I was welcoming the free time at the airport to think, journal, and create some stuff. As the day went on I didn't have the same welcoming thoughts.

My flights continued to be delayed longer and longer and as the delays went on I witnessed humanity at it's worse. People in general are so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and what they are doing that they forget about the person standing next to them. I continue to be amazed at how terribly we treat one another. Is it that difficult to be nice, say hello, not push and cut in line? I thought that we were in the 21st century instead of in the cave man era....

It really shouldn't surprise me as much as it does but I guess I'm an optimist that wants to believe that all people are treated equally despite their origin, etc and that we all treat each other with love and kindness.

On a brighter note I did meet a few amazing people that I really enjoyed talking to and they made the trip more enjoyable. It's always nice to meet interesting people and be reminded that good people still exist despite the people that have lost their way. Yesterday was a great reminder to stay focused on keeping life simple, treat people with respect, dignity and kindness and it's sad that people have lost their way. the midst of life's rush people are still people and kindness still exists.

And by the way....the airport lost my luggage.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Live locally? Want a girls night out? Want some new goodies to wear or hang in your home? You stopped at the right place.....

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Evolution of self

Isn't it fun to watch others evolve into something greater than they are??? Transformation of self is so fun to watch and be a part of. It's amazing to be an outsider in an individuals life and watch them grow whether they realize what is happening or not. Of course it takes time and willingness to change, learn and grow and not everyone is ready for it.

Over the years I have had an amazing job involving giving individuals the tools to transform their lives as well as increasing their awareness of themselves and the world around them. I think people in general want to change others and make them see the world through their eyes and thoughts. Although it's really hard to resist those human urges I try my hardest to not allow my personal thoughts and feelings cloud my teachings or their individuality. I repeatedly tell myself that it is not my place to change them only give them the tools to change themselves if they want to. Expectations of others can lead to a clouded haze of disappointment.

With that being said although the paragraph above speaks of my professional life I practice (to the best of my ability) this in my personal life as well. I have been with my spouse for 13 years and it's been amazing to observe our growth as a couple and as individuals over the years. Of course it ebbs and flows but in the end it's all worth it and I am glad to be a part of this evolution process. Especially standing on the outside looking in.......

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dance like no one is watching

So many times in our lives we are consumed by the perceptions and thoughts of others, present company included. I would be lying if I said I didn't think about what other's thought. I am honest when I say most of the decisions that I make are made in the best interest of myself, my family or my friends and that I try my best to not tarry long dwelling on what other's may think. I am me and it's a take it or leave it affair with the rest of the world.

Today while driving I was reminded of the purity of being aware and living in the moment. Coming back from the grocery store there was a young man listening to music, without a care in the world, dancing to the beat of his own drum. A smile embellished my face and my heart danced with joy as I watched him. He was so in tune with his own moment he was unaware of the world around him. Dancing as if no one was watching....but I was and I enjoyed it. He didn't realize that in his moment I too was having my own and being aware of life's simple joys and pleasures. Make sure you dance as if no one is watching....... You may not get the opportunity to do it again.

Bringing about change

I am amazed today that in a world with so many people and our advances in both technology and medicine we as a society are still filled with so much hate. I have to admit that I am astounded with individuals lack of humanity as well as how we treat each other. With this being said, for the last few weeks I have to say that I have internalized and pondered our current events that are taking place in Jena, Louisiana. I have been inspired to turn my sadness into a creative outlet and have developed a series of beaded jewelry called "The Harmony Series".
The pictures seen here are the first in the series. I have called this particular necklace PEACE. This and other hand crafted items I make can be found at