Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Seasons of Change

I have included this beautiful tree as a reminder of the "Seasons of Change". I took this picture on one of my hardest days and with a heavy heart and spirit I captured the beauty of nature that I was longing to feel within myself. As I stood gazing at its beauty I was reminded that the way I was feeling would pass and my spirit would again be light. It's such a wonderful feeling to hear nature speak.

The last few weeks have been extremely hard for me and as I sit here and recap the situations in my mind, the feelings I have encountered and internalized I am reminded again that every aspect of our lives has an area that is a little grey. I am reminded that in order for growth to occur and to gain inner strength sometimes we must walk down a road that is bleak but there is a ray of sunshine to be seen even if we have to strain to see it. Nature's healing power is a wonderful source of strength, inspiration and relaxation for me and the day I stood gazing at the tree I said a prayer of thanks for giving me a tree of beauty to look at and remind me that life is good.
The rose....reminded me of summer's end. It was still beautiful even though it was starting to wither. The cycle of change. Seasons of change. What more can be said?
Nature spoke again to me towards the end of the week with this beautiful flower.

Seasons of change. Death and rebirth. Sometimes the road is hard to travel on but in the end I am thankful for the lessons I learn even if they are painful at the time.

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