Sunday, March 21, 2010

New items

I have unfortunately not been keeping up with my blog. I miss posting on it and will try over the next few weeks to do better. I have used my blog in the past to feature some very talented artists and poets as well as to display my own work. I have filled these pages with my thoughts on life, however random they may be, and my feelings at the time...sometimes happy and other times well as issues we all face whether environmental, social or cultural.

Today I bring to you my newest creations that were donated to the preschool I work at for the art shows silent auction. It's a wonderful place and I can honestly say I love going to work everyday. This past Sunday we had our annual art show and silent auction to raise money for the school and scholarship $ for families in need. It was a huge success and a GREAT turnout! Here is the website for those that want to take a peek at my fantastic job or if you are interested in finding a preschool that nurtures children through art as well as developing creative, critical thinkers.

SUN~ Mixed Media: paint, wood, wire
Painted with red, orange and yellow acrylic paint, I then placed a sealant on it and placed a copper wire sun on top.
Inspired out of my love for nature and respect for the sun. The sun breathes life into our trees, flowers, grass and ME! It warms my heart and puts a song in the bird's heart.

HURRICANE EARRINGS ~ Wire and black glass bead
Wire shaped and formed into a spiral representing a hurricane funnel with a black, faceted glass bead floating inside.
Again, inspired out of my love for nature as well as my deep respect for the power of wind.

STAINED GLASS WINDOW FLOWER ~ Light Blue and Orange Glass gems and solder
Inspired by spring and all the flowers starting to BLOOM!