Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Letting go

Over the last few weeks I have been pondering this thought. A simple concept but at the same time so hard to do. I have given great thought to the magnitude of power those two words have and at the same time the power it has if you don't follow the concept.

So in an effort of letting go....yesterday is yesterday. Today is today. What happened a minute ago happened a minute ago, it can't be changed so let it go. There are too many other wonderous moments to be captured and if you are holding on to something that should be released, let go of it, you may and will miss the moment. It feels good to say goodbye. Take in a deep breath and remember life is too good and you may miss it if you are still holding on to yesterday.

I have learned: (and sometimes forget)

~You can't change people, only yourself.
~People are who they are and it's okay.
~It is what it is-no more, no less.
~Our thoughts are sometimes not our friend. :)
~Our words can damage someone so be careful with your tongue. (I'm still working on this one)
~Beauty happens every second all you have to do is open your eyes.
~Beauty radiates from within not outwardly.
~Most people are good, if you give them a chance.
~Smile when you feel like frowning.
~Be true to yourself so you can be true to others.
~Love yourself so someone else can love you.
~Give thanks for everything.
~Live like today is your last day because it may be.
~Make sure those around you know you love them, you can never tell them enough.
~Give a part of yourself to others they might not have anyone else.
~Be kind.
~Remember to have compassion.
~Say your sorry even if it wasn't your fault.
~Love all people.
~Be respectful of other's beliefs, opinions and views.
~It is better to live harmoniously than in discord.
~Say a prayer for others.

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