Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dance like no one is watching

So many times in our lives we are consumed by the perceptions and thoughts of others, present company included. I would be lying if I said I didn't think about what other's thought. I am honest when I say most of the decisions that I make are made in the best interest of myself, my family or my friends and that I try my best to not tarry long dwelling on what other's may think. I am me and it's a take it or leave it affair with the rest of the world.

Today while driving I was reminded of the purity of being aware and living in the moment. Coming back from the grocery store there was a young man listening to music, without a care in the world, dancing to the beat of his own drum. A smile embellished my face and my heart danced with joy as I watched him. He was so in tune with his own moment he was unaware of the world around him. Dancing as if no one was watching....but I was and I enjoyed it. He didn't realize that in his moment I too was having my own and being aware of life's simple joys and pleasures. Make sure you dance as if no one is watching....... You may not get the opportunity to do it again.

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