Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bringing about change

I am amazed today that in a world with so many people and our advances in both technology and medicine we as a society are still filled with so much hate. I have to admit that I am astounded with individuals lack of humanity as well as how we treat each other. With this being said, for the last few weeks I have to say that I have internalized and pondered our current events that are taking place in Jena, Louisiana. I have been inspired to turn my sadness into a creative outlet and have developed a series of beaded jewelry called "The Harmony Series".
The pictures seen here are the first in the series. I have called this particular necklace PEACE. This and other hand crafted items I make can be found at


Kat Eyez said...

Wow! I really love the new blog. This piece of jewelry is very cool and dimensional. I love it. You are connected to the Earth with each piece of stone you use!

Kat Eyez said...

Wow! I love the new blog. Aren't they fun?
I love how you are connected to the Earth with each and every stone you use. Natural all the way =)