Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Java and Jewelry

Come to Sin Coffee Bar for a great cup of coffee and some jewelry!!!!

{Java card copyright: Whimsical Jewels 2007}
I am excited to announce that I currently have items for sale at Sin Coffee Bar located on 4th street in Winston-Salem. It's a great place to meet friends, have quiet time alone or get some work done.

The coffee bar serves a variety of drinks other than coffee....GREAT fruit smoothies (my kids love them), tea, juice, bagels and pastries...
Enjoy a great cup of coffee while getting some wearable goodies to take home.
Autumn Necklace: copyright Whimsical Jewels 2007

Flower Bracelet: Copyright Whimsical Jewels 2007

Rust & Tan Hemp Key Chain: copyright Whimsical Jewels 2007

The Atomic Burst Set: copyright Whimsical Jewels 2007

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J$ said...

the atom burst one is really cool.