Saturday, December 22, 2007

Nice people still exist

In the rush of life and this season, with happiness in my heart I can say nice people still exist. Sometimes I wonder if this statement is true but before I know it life reminds me and I have to admit my soul overflows with joy. I know I am a sentimental fool but I like it that way. I thinks it's better. Maybe those slinging the accusations that I cry to easily or that I'm "mushy" are just jealous that they weren't more sentimental at times. If it's not true I chose to believe it is. (LOL) are some acts of kindness I have witnessed in the last few weeks.

Today I was driving home after the chaos of the mall and saw a true act of kindness that made my heart leap. A handicap lady in a wheelchair was driving her chair on the side of the road and had apparently dropped some things. She was trying her best to pick them up but was having a lot of difficulty. A gentleman stopped his car and picked up the items for her.

Another small act of kindness....I was dropping off my daughter at school this week and a family I am friends with had made hand painted ornaments with their kids to give to the families at the school. I thought the gift was extremely thoughtful and very kind.

A couple of weeks ago I was with a friend who had dropped a money envelope containing over a hundred dollars in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. She naturaly was absolutely distraught that she had done it. We asked around and apparently another lady picked it up and returned the money to her with every cent still in the envelope. Honest and kind.....

I could make my list longer and as I am writing this I can think of at least a dozen more acts of kindness I have witnessed or had happen to me in the last month. I think kind people are always there we just fail to see them because we are wrapped up in life, our thoughts or what's going on around us. I have to admit that it happens to me sometimes but when the ray of light shines on me and I am able to be aware and see the act of kindness my heart leaps and smiles and I am forced to remember that it was always happening I just failed to see it.

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