Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Power of Music

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Last weekend I had the privilege of seeing live music and was completely astounded with the connection I had with it as well as the peace within myself caused from it. My dear friend and I drove to Asheville (2 & 1/2 hours one way) to hear Ani DiFranco perform. It's been quite some time since I have seen her live and it was worth every minute of the drive. (hopefully my friend that went along for the ride felt the same)

The power of music and the serenity it provides continues to baffle my mind. After coming home from a long day with several set backs....put that favorite CD in and it all seems to dissipate. I find that while driving home after a hard day of work getting lost in a song has the power to mesmerize my soul and repair it. Don't get me wrong, sometimes the damage of the day takes more than a song or CD but it definitely has the start of the healing process. Therapy in its own way...and a lot cheaper too.

I love so many different genres of music and have a connection with each in my own unique way. But I have to say that Ani DiFranco has the largest impact on me. Her message of social and civil harmony & justice, environmental conservation, women's rights and our history profoundly affects me and touches me each time I hear it. Maybe it's because I stand for several of the same things she sings about and there is a connection that is deep rooted inside me. Her music does something to me that no other musician has been able to do. So to her I say THANK YOU. The impact she has had on me when my day was blue, when I was against a wall dealing with the lack of humanity in the world, the barriers I face in my career when I am unable to help people the way they need to be helped, the effects creatively and in my thoughts is POWERFUL.

Wow the power of music. I know my life would be different if I couldn't listen to it. I think music is the breath of my soul so without it I think death would be inevitable.

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