Saturday, August 15, 2009


If you are a bird, fly free.
I pray you feel the wind under your wings and the freedom you once sought.
When you grow tired from flight, I will be your tree.
Come rest your weary wings in my shade. You will find comfort and be restored.

If you are a tree, I will rest in your shade.
I will be refreshed and ponder the thoughts of life.
It is here I will say my thoughts aloud and find my own roots among yours.

When the winds blow, I will hear your music as you sway back and forth.
I will feel the energy of your love and smile.
I will remember the music we enjoyed and the merriment we felt as our feet moved to the rhythm and could no longer remain still.

If you are the wind, I will feel your gentleness as you tickle my face.
I will smile when I see the trees and flowers dance to your music.
On a hot summer day, I will delight in your breeze of refreshment and rejoice in the moment of comfort and feeling of love.
With joy, I will watch as you carry the leaves through the sky and their willingness to dance.
I will give thanks for the simple things in life.

If you are the sun, I will find warmth in your rays and feel your energy and love.
I will be renewed on the days I'm feeling blue and watch my personal clouds dissipate.
I will be reminded that the sun is the giver of life and bask in your glow.

If you are the moon, I will watch from below and smile as you find illumination from the sun.
With each cycle, I will be reminded of change and the importance of it.
I will be reminded that change comes from within and I am the beginning of change.
As I sit next to a fire, I will think of you as you cast your moonbeams from above and remember your grace, valor and love.

If you are you and I am me then our energies together will be.

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