Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kindness defines kindness as:
1. The state of being kind.
2. An instance of kind or charitable behaviour.

I sometimes wonder if it's difficult for people to be kind. Is it in their blood? Is it a conscious choice for them? Is it too much effort and individuals decide not to do it?

I have decided for my self that it's a state of being. Something I must do and I try to do. Kindness presents itself in many different forms and sometimes we are so wrapped up in life that we miss a kind act.

Kind acts:

Nature's kindness ~
A bird sitting out your window singing a song as if it's just for you.
A butterfly fluttering in front of you as you walk.
Flowers in spring.
Autumn trees that are full of color.
Weeping Cherry Tree.
Rain hitting a tin roof.
A hawk/eagle flying in the sky reminding us of nature's magnificence and that I too can fly.

A friend calling out of the blue.
Little arms around your neck.
Surprise guest standing on your door step.
A letter in the mail.
A prayer uttered on your behalf.
and many more...

And today's heart melt and pure act of kindness:
A package made from a group of friends that made my heart smile and my day a little brighter.

.....thank you for your kindness.

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