Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 4th.... SALE!

HAPPY 4th of JULY SaLe!
I've been busy the last few days spending time with my family enjoying the weekend festivities and as a result haven't posted new sale items.  I've went through my etsy shop and chose a few items to place on sale for today.  Because I haven't posted new sale items daily, each day I will take one of them away and add another.  So you have a few opportunities to catch items on sale!

The first item for sale is this lovely blue and green glass wind chime.  
Original Price $45...  ON SALE for $30!
The sound of glass wind chimes is definitely one of my favorite sounds, not something I can place into words.

Original Price $8.00   ON SALE $5.00

Original price $15.00  ON SALE $12.00
This pendant is double sided.  On one side is a beautiful red rose and on the other side is a recycled Yogi tea bag quote:  Socialize with compassion, kindness and grace.


Original price $20.00  ON SALE $15.00

Original price $19.00  ON SALE $15.00


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