Friday, December 14, 2012


I have not forgotten.  It's still fresh.  Raw and REAL.  I have not forgotten what it felt like when I heard the words.  I have not forgotten what it felt like when I realized your life had stopped and mine would go on.  Without you.  I have not forgotten all the things that raced through my mind when I realized the news was real and I hadn't imagined it.  I have not forgotten the pain that I felt knowing that my life would be forever changed without you in it.

But I remember...
your smile
your laugh
your hugs
your adventure
your courage
your strength
your wisdom
your love
your beauty
your light
your music
your words
your kindness
your generosity
your friendship
your valor
your poetry

I may have been the elder but you were much wiser than I.  You were stronger than I, courageous and braver than I and the beauty of your soul made the sun look dull.  You saw things most people miss, you knew things others will never know and you lived your life in a way that puts most of us to shame.  You loved with all your might which takes remarkable courage.  I loved everything about you and still do.  So today I remember.  I remember your life.  I remember the impact you had on me and the impact you had on so many others.  I remember the love I had for you and still do.  I'm thankful that my life was blessed with you as my brother...  I will never forget.  I will remember you always....  with love and gratitude.  My life was forever changed by you.

Gavin (I LUV U), Savannah (her art on the right) and Me (on the left with birds made from Jon's writings/poetry and my writings to him)

For you, Jon...  I remember you always bro.  With love...

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Jamie Burch said...

Beautiful words and images. Sending love and light to you!