Monday, May 14, 2012

March to your drum

My "March to your drum" pendant was featured in the lovely treasury below by one of my etsy team members, Tina Cauthorn.  As I was looking through the items I fell in love with several of the items.  The lilac photography reminded me of home in upstate NY and I was instantly taken there in my mind.  Lilacs remind me of my childhood and sitting under the lilac trees cherishing the sweet smell of these fragrant flowers.  Some of my fondest memories were of the lilac trees in my yard.

The featured seller for the spotlight is LeeAnn Cisneros.  I love several of her items!  Please look at her shop when you have a chance:

There are so many talented artists on etsy and I'm honored to be featured in a treasury with some of them.  To be quite honest there are many times that I am still surprised that people like my stuff.  I continue to create, marching to my drum, knowing that someone out there will identify with it and they will love it as much as me.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to create and to be "treasured".  I hope you know that you are treasured too.  Continue to march to your drum...


Unknown said...

Glad you like the treasury I did! They are alot of fun to do!

Tina Cauthorn said...

Glad you like my treasury! They are so much fun to do!