Thursday, February 28, 2008

Refreshment through ranting

Isn't it annoying how fast time goes by and how full our calendars get? For the last few months our family has had something scheduled and when it wasn't the family is was my own calendar. My resolution was to make more quality time for myself and I'm not sure what happened but I have been forgotten. Don't get me wrong, although January was hectic I made sure I took time out for myself and things didn't "build" as far as stress. But for the last month I have been in constant overdrive and think that I have come to the crash and burn stage.... I somehow forgot my commitment to myself and have since been neglected. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel and the end is in sight. At the beginning of this week I began to take charge again and melted some of my stress away with a nice long lavendar soak, aromatic candles and a good book. I am starting to regroup and refresh through activities of enjoyment and can feel the stress dissipating. It's so nice to regain ground and feel alive, refreshed and centered.

I have tried to become more aware of my surroundings to find peace in nature and in return have found peace within myself. I have enjoyed the birds flying and the beautiful blue skies. Even though it has been chilly these last few days I especially love the crisp air in the morning and the smell of it. A week and a half ago we received a beautiful snow fall (small and shortlived) but beautiful none the same. It reminded me of home and how much I missed the scenery and yes sometimes even the snow. I enjoyed taking pictures of it and reveled in its beauty. This week while walking in the mall (YES you can find peace at the mall if you look hard enough) I enjoyed smiling at stangers. I absolutely love the feelings it evokes within me as well as the reaction created. Sometimes the encounter is quite funny because it is unexpected. The stranger is almost bewildered that a friendly hello was generated in such a cold and fast world.

Even though I have been on the go, on the go and on the go this entire month there have been several things that I have enjoyed doing even though the time came and went quicker than a bat of an eye. I made my way to the gallery hop and celebrated my beautiful friend, Latoya's bday. I enjoyed getting to spend some time with her and my friend Cami. I celebrated my daughter's 3rd birthday. I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE IS ALREADY 3!!! Where in the world did the time go? I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy watching her grow and learn. (same with Gavin) It's amazing how their tiny mind works. I cried at the end of the night when the realization hit me that time only speeds up and she'll be gone before I know it with a life of her own. So today I cherish the time I have with both of them and bask in their childhood. I went to West Virginia to celebrate the first birthday of a dear little girl. The drive was refreshingly beautiful (it always is) and spending time with dear friends and family is time well spent. How can you go wrong? I had the best time hanging out with my husband on Valentine's Day eating dinner out then watching the movie JUNO...go see it if you haven't. WOW and chilling with my son Gavin watching Spiderwick was so much fun. Throughout the movie I could tell he was a little scared when I saw his hoodie shade his eyes off an on. My In-laws came down from NY to celebrate my husband and my birthday which was nice. It's always nice to feel loved by so many people. I was able to have lunch with Shayne again which was nice. (TWO DATES IN ONE MONTH!!!!) That's unheard of and it was needed.

As you can see I have been quite busy and this is only a fraction of what my schedule has been like this past month but when I look back on it I wouldn't change a thing. I was able to be surrounded by people I love and cherish and I felt and feel loved. Thanks for letting me rant.....I am truly blessed and now I am further refreshed.

***Look for the snow fall pictures soon.....***

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